Get the best Bulk Sms Sending Software

There has been an extreme change in the flow of information process in the last decade or so, bulk sms is now the best and effective way of communicating information to the target audience. There are numerous software development companies that have come up with appealing sms based solutions is one of them. It …

What makes SMS marketing a popular and powerful marketing tool?

Marketing professionals these days are into using a lot of tools which includes the internet, emails, and various other forms of advertisements. Amongst all these, a form of marketing and advertisement that has gained popularity in the last few years is SMS marketing. One of the reasons why SMS marketing has become a popular marketing …

Use SMS for marketing!!

Around 96% of individuals in America use mobile phones for speaking using their family member also to access the web. Business proprietors also employ mobile phones extensively in remaining touch using their affiliates, providers, clients and staff. Really, communication is really an important component of any company that any enterprise could possibly get crippled without …

Premium SMS, A Revenue Generating Business in Telecommunications Value Added Services

What is Premium SMS? It is the entertainment or informative messages delivered by service providers to mobile phones. Such SMS cost a particular amount as service charge. Premium short messages are used to provide digital content like financial information, news alerts, ring tones and logos. The first premium text message through SMS was the paid …

SMS Text Marketing- Advertise Your Local Business on Mobile Phones . This Video shows how SMS Text Marketing can help you grow your local business. We’re Experts in helping local … source

The Elements Of A Good Advertisement

Advertisements are all around us. Whether we’re watching television, driving down the freeway, flipping through a magazine, or listening to the radio, we are bombarded on every side by messages trying to get us to buy a product or service. And although there have been countless debates over whether or not advertising is effective and …

Self Motivation

Self Motivation By Nitesh Parmar. source

Using AdWords callout extensions

Use callout extensions to easily add information – and value – to your AdWords ads. Learn more … source

Nokia 6288: an Open Secret

The Nokia 6288 is an advanced version of the 6280 slide phone, a 3G enabled phone. The product of Finnish mobile giant, the Nokia 6288 has a high gloss finish and is an attractively styled phone. The only difference the set has with the 6280 is: it has a larger 512 MB card. Not to …

Chale Consulting SMS Text – Client Usage Reports

Usage Reports in Chale Consulting SMS Texting Service. source

How to deal with frequent sickies

Employee absence has a huge impact on your organisation. It affects staff morale, disrupts the work of others, and reduces the quality of work outputs.¬†Absences carry costs, risks and productivity hits for your business. But there are avenues you can pursue to challenge employees who take frequent ‘sickies’. Generally speaking, you cannot dismiss or discipline …

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Jorgensens texting during Janesville City Council meeting

Janesville City Councilman Jens Jorgensen told The Gazette he and his father, Andy Jorgensen, were texting about personal business at the March 27 … source

Best 5 SMS Messaging App for Android 2015

Here is a list of Top 5 SMS Messaging App for Android. 1. Textra. 2. ChompSMS. 3. Handcent SMS. 4. Go SMS Pro. 5. Evolve SMS. source

Text Messages (Stand Up Comedy)

Click here to SUBSCRIBE to our channel: Key Lewis talks about texting, and an interesting … source

SMS Text Addiction: When You Just Can't Stop Texting

The number of texting addicts is on the rise. A internet therapy center in Scandinavia has treated around 60 addicts since 1998 and this number is believed to be under reported. Asia has not been spared either. According to Telecoms Korea, 3 out of 10 Korean high school students who carry mobile phones are reported …

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MBA250 Can You Hustle Too Hard

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What about Car Dealership Opt-In SMS text marketing services

Is your dealership considering opt-in SMS Marketing? Many dealers don’t realize that there is a difference between opt-in marketing services and text … source

Hard work – Motivational video

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What are QR codes and its importance in various industries

QR code is a trademark for a type of matrix barcode that is first designed for automotive industry. A barcode stores all information about products including manufacturing/expiry date, color and other information that is readable by scanner or Barcode Reader. A QR code consists of black square dots that arranged in a square grid on …

Motivation Hypnosis (For change in your life)

This is a 20 minute long professionally recorded relaxing hypnotic induction followed by positive stories and metaphor that gently awaken and nudge the … source

Bus Advertising, the most effective way to reach your audience?

Bus advertising is an excellent way to promote your product or service to a market area. There is some information you should arm yourself with before you call the transit authority, to find out how much bus ads cost in your general area. Advertising on taxis, buses, trains or subways is an excellent way to …

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DJ Tips in under a minute: use texting to communicate with clients

DJ Tips in under a minute: use texting to communicate with clients. It is an easy way to get in touch with clients and others, especially when you are in a place … source

Latest Mobile Handsets in India

Have you been looking for a really trendy mobile phone that has the right features to suit your personality? Does the present mobile you use functions to satisfy your needs and requirements? Have you been on the look out of the latest mobile handsets? If yes, then the best ways in which you can avail …