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One-Stop Mobile Advertising Platform to implement Mobile Text Messaging and Mobile Coupon Campaigns. Consumers are looking for different “content” on the their cell phones and other mobile devices. While mobile marketing is expected to increase Drastically in the future, Mobile Business Ads provides the platform to allow you to get started with a simple but EFFECTIVE mobile campaign.

text message marketing, sms, mobile marketing,sms marketing,mobile text messaging,sms text messaging

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text message marketing, sms, mobile marketing,sms marketing,mobile text messaging,sms text messaging

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All-Products-Online.com – Read 1000’s of Articles on Text Message Marketing!

All-Products-Online.com – Read 1000’s of Articles on Text Message Marketing!

Hundreds of highly informative articles on mobile text message marketing from leading authors.
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Check out how sms marketing, mobile marketing or text message marketing can build your customer base, fast! Here are videos & articles featuring different types of businesses using text message marketing to send large volumes of text message specials to their exclusive, totally ‘opt-ed’ in for your specials. Details on how any type of business can use mobile marketing to drive their customer base to their store (whether virtual or real) as an ever increasing surge of new and repeat business. With this sms marketing plan you can increase the size of your customer list almost any day your open for traffic. Growth rates being reported range between 15% to 50% even more in one or two months.  Bring them in by the dozens whenever you want. Great for filling the ‘slower times’ of day or night!

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Text message marketing; Facts you have to find out about!

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text marketing

Amongst the a variety of methods of text message is the most recent medium of getting to the customer immediately. Mobile text marketing has created a massive opportunity for service providers as well as other business people to improve their sales.

Tags; text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text marketing,social media marketing

Being a affordable and effective method lot of modest time companies pick it up to let their target market know of their existence. The main reason a lot of companies have looked to text message marketing and advertising is due to the fact it has several positive aspects over conventional types of advertising. Until recently mobile marketingwas only price effective to big firms and organizations. Even so, using the introduction of new technologies, this chance is also available to small time companies. With the use of SMS marketing it is possible to now quickly distribute messages in bulk to list of customers you’ve got. This has now created mass text message advertising or social media marketing less costly than direct mail, newspaper, radio as well as other forms of promotion. social media marketing is your answer.

This is supported by the significant ROI you make on the investment when compared to the other kinds of promotion strategies you use. Try social media marketing for Two Weeks for Only a $1; We think you’ll love social media marketing or text marketing and it will soon become half of your new business growth.

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Even so, every single business man aiming for mass text message as a structure for marketing needs to know information on the technique. For starters, you could possibly be genuinely enthusiastic about the long list of mobile subscribers, but your SMS provider might not reciprocate the very same. An crucial goal of text message marketing is to develop the list if the subscribers over time.

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text message marketing

As the method is well-liked the list can grow from a few hundreds to many thousands in no time. But to deal with the wireless short code is often a challenging task. The dilemma can get grave if your provider isn’t aware of your list growth, and consequently the number of text messages you need to send at one time, you might be setting up your account, along with other accounts on the short code, for delivery issues. The carriers need to be well conscious of the maximum number of text messages that may be sent at any given time and per month. Hence you need to work with your SMS provider to communicate with them the requirements and also the particulars of the campaign you’re running. Or, run it yourself with YepText mobile marketing.

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text message marketingtext message

Another crucial factor that need to be kept in mind is that the mobile text marketing message should not be the very same as the Twitter or Facebook updates. It’s important you treat this channel of advertising as distinctive as the other techniques you adopt as it has the capability to supply a message with a extremely high read rate. Unique care should be taken to style an proper message and delivery time of day. Sending messages that are not of considerably value to the customer, overly frequent messages and messages sent at the wrong time can lead to high out puts but with a lot more complaints and no ROI from the customers.

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text message marketing
Text message marketing will be the new way of dispersing the buzz. But like every single other marketing and advertising technique it wants to be done smartly to take pleasure in significant returns.

Text message marketing will be the new way of dispersing the buzz. But like every single other marketing and advertising technique it wants to be done smartly to take pleasure in significant returns.

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For new companies, or lesser-known businesses, mobile text marketing offers a great opportunity to establish a strong brand. With the easy flow of information and a captive, interested audience, cultivating brand identity can be successful for those businesses willing to make strategy and messaging a priority.

The primary objective for the marketer will be to know the company’s brand, core values, Mission and Vision-and know them well. As with all other marketing, getting off-message or going outside the core competencies of the business will just lead to confusion for potential clients.

Armed with the basic information of what the business is and does, the marketer can develop a strategy for how they will 1) get subscribers and the 2) keep subscribers. Once a detailed plan for how to reach the target audience is in place (newsletter sign up, survey at the store, discount with email address), the marketer can decide how these subscribers will be marketed to. Some subscribers may want weekly coupons and deals, and others may just want to know when a particular product goes on sale. Customizing the user experience is important in mobile text marketing, so grouping subscribers for what they want, or who they are, is a key to success.

Next, remember to include your brand in your messages, i.e. “XYZ Furniture – Affordable Elegance: offering a 20% discount, texting subscribers only, who buy today and text Affordable_Elegance to 12345.”

In this scenario, “XYZ Furniture” has chosen to get the brand message across that they have affordable and elegant products. To further this branding, they would talk about “affordability” and/or “elegance” in all texts.

Here would be another example of an effective text for this business: “Online Only SALE today. 50% clearance items. XYZ Furniture – Your Source for Affordable, Elegant Home Furnishings. Text 50offClearance to 12345 to redeem this great deal.”

Repeat your branding verbiage, stay on message, and continue to offer your clients and potential customers a reason to stay on your list. Before you know it, your clients will be singing your praises, and repeating your branding key phrases or tagline back to you!

Mobile marketing through text messaging is an easy and effective way to market to the people who are truly qualified and interested in your product or service. By giving them what they want, when they want it, and by being consistent in your messaging, you will not only build a loyal customer base, you will be growing brand recognition that will last.

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The bulk SMS service is one of the hottest choice of most of the leading companies. Because of the reason that SMS is the spam free communication system therefore the SMS marketing strategy is adopted by most of the companies. However, the SMS marketing technique is the latest advancement in the field of marketing strategy. And with the introduction of this method communicating with the customers for a company have become much easier as well as it has become less time consuming and even without disturbing the customer. The company or the sales person cannot know in what state the customer is when they are going to approach them. Therefore in such cases it is often seen that instead of convincing the customer to purchase their product or service it makes the customer with their phone calls. Often the similar thing happens in case of direct visit of the sales person to the customer without prior appointment with them. Even if you are using the email marketing strategy it is often seen that your mail land up in the customer’s junk mail folder and the message gets deleted automatically after a while.

Therefore most of the companies these days prefer to choose the Bulk SMS marketing strategy, and the reason is that SMS is the spam free communication system. This is however, better than the previous mentioned methods as unlike those methods the main facility is that if you send a SMS there is less chance of your message getting lost. The store and forward facility helps the SMS you send to store in the SMSC server and then it is forwarded to the customer’s mobile. This is helpful in the way that if the customer is not within the range or if his mobile is switched off your message won’t get lost. It would be stored and when the customer switches on his mobile or comes within the range your message would be delivered to his mobile your message would be delivered to his hand set. The SMSC server can store the message for days if necessary and then it is delivered when the situation is ripe. Moreover, the bulk SMS service helps in sending the same message to a multiple number of customers at the same time. All you need to do is to type your message once and set several mobile numbers, whom you want to send your message to and your message would be delivered to the customer’s handset within seconds. In this way you can send the same message to a large number of people at the same time. This provides you a great advantage as it consumes less time and is much cheaper than other means of communication with your customers. This method is beneficial for your customers also as they need not have to spend their valuable time and can go through your message anytime they feel appropriate to do that. Even if necessary they can read the same message the second time for better understanding.

On of the drawbacks of the SMS marketing strategy is that you cannot be elaborate in your words while writing your message and cannot provide very minute details of your services within the same message as a SMS cannot be more than 160 characters therefore you cannot convey your message in a round about way and come straight to the point. Now it is upon you how you want to send your message.

Source by Kathe Marion


Email Marketing is arguably the quickest, most cost effective method to get your advertising message.Prepare a strong Email marketing strategy with best options for your business. Learn professional email marketing and tactics with a very suitable pricing only by Verifiedemaildata.





The market for prepaid mobile is ten times that of postpaid mobile in India. There can be several reasons. The top seven of them are:

1. Instant Activation

You don’t have to wait for three or four days to get your connection set up. Walk in to any retail store with your identity proof (passport or ID or some kind) and get your connection instantly. Sometimes, you can get your SIM card and connection for free too. (I got a connection with Rs.30 talk-time for free).

2. No Monthly Commitments

There are no monthly plan charges to pay. If you don’t wish to charge your mobile for three or six months, it is just fine. However, that is not the case of postpaid plans. You have monthly plan charges to pay. You have to make this payments even if you don’t make or receive a call.

3. No Fines for Missed Payments

When you overrun your bill payment date, it can usually mean fines and punishments. There is no such punishment in case of prepaid mobile. You put money into your account whenever you want to. And, you are not answerable to the company if you choose not to pay anything.

4. Better Control over Your Expenses

Some people just can’t stop calling. If you are one among them, you know how frustrating it is to look at huge bills. In case of prepaid mobile, you can recharge your mobile with low denomination recharges. The lower balance amounts in your account will prevent you from making unnecessary calls. Bonus: You will learn the benefits of discipline:)

5. Changing Number/Carrier is Easy

In case of prepaid users, you can keep your number active for incoming calls only. This is especially beneficial if you are changing to a new number. You may need to change your number for various reasons. In case of postpaid connection, keeping the connection active costs you money.

6. Carry More than One SIM at Zero Extra Cost

I know several people who have more than half a dozen SIM cards. If all of them were postpaid connections, they would go bankrupt years ago. However, they can choose to enjoy the benefits of specific service providers any time they choose. You can find special offers including unlimited free calls to same network, whichever mobile service provider you use. Aircel, BSNL, Reliance, etc all have such offers. With no monthly plans to worry about, you can enjoy the benefit of any network, any time you choose.

7. Special Packs to Choose

You can make use of the special packs on offer. Prepaid customers can enjoy special packs for GPRS/data usage, SMS/texting, free unlimited calls for specific periods, and a host of other offers. For postpaid customers, the plans remain more or less the same.

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Get Found on the Phone — Local Mobile Search Marketing Tips by… http://LocalBizHelp.ca

People are increasingly using smartphones and other mobile devices to search the Web.
Your site needs to be optimized for mobiles in order for them to find you.

Target Mobiles with Ads
Ad networks let you specifically target mobile search results.

Your Mobile Landing Page
Your landing page has to be designed with mobile in mind. This means clean design and little text.

Make Them Stay
Make your site look good and easy to navigate on mobiles or they'll click away, and this hurts your site's ranking.

Site for Each Location
Create a mobile-optimized site for each geographic location of your business to target local searches.

Know Mobile User Behavior
Every segment of the population uses their smartphones differently. Know how your market uses theirs.

Track and Monitor
Create a plan for tracking your traffic.

Local Mobile Text Marketing

Mobile text marketing (also called SMS) is a great way to reach your customers.

Straight to the Phone. Your messages go straight to their phone, which they have with them 24/7.

Location-Based Marketing. You can reach your customers right at the point of sale with coupons and deals.

Greater Interactivity. Mobile users like to interact with brands on their phone and this builds brand loyalty.

The Text Message Precedent. People are used to receiving similar marketing messages in their email inboxes.





If you have started a new business and are seeking ways to promote your product or service, mobile marketing can be a very useful tool for you. As entrepreneurs and business owners are always seeking affordable and effective ways to perk up their profits, this method of advertising can just be the right option. Thanks to the mobile technology that has made marketing through mobile phones possible. SMS marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Compared to the traditional marketing methods such as using billboards, newspaper ads, TV ads etc; using mobile marketing is more useful as well as cost effective.

The reason for the growing popularity of mobile marketing is that mobile phone users have continuously been increasing. About 90% of the U.S. Cell Phone P-population makes use of SMS/Text. You would be surprised to know that about 95% of all SMS messages are read as soon as they are sent. It means that if you would sent out SMS promoting your product or service, there are 100% chances of it being read. This way you can introduce your company or product/service directly to your target audience. They will get to read about your product or service instantly and you will be able to perk up your revenues.

Mobile marketing is also very popular because of its cost effectiveness. Unlike advertising on TV or radio, using this mode of communication for marketing is much simpler. However, to make use of SMS marketing in the best possible manner, you must come up with an effective message. It should be relevant, concise and informative so that you can successfully connect with your potential customers. If you cannot create an effect mobile marketing message on your own, you can take professional help. The more effective your message is, the higher will be your chances of increasing your sales.

The effectiveness and affordability of mobile marketing makes it the marketing solution of the day. This is why when you come up with a marketing strategy for your business do not forget to explore and utilize the option of mobile marketing as it can give you great results without spending very much. Most people keep their cell phones close to them all the time and when your message reaches them, you will certainly be able to introduce your company and products or services which will in turn help you increase your sales.

Source by Mikel Belly


Mobile phone users surge up every year. There are three common mobile phone communications services that are dominantly use worldwide, these are Voice call, Short message service (SMS) and Multimedia service (MMS). Among the top three mentioned services, text messaging service is highly popular by young aged users and adopted enjoyably by students in schools and universities. Text messaging or SMS is adorably utilize by its user as it delivers benefits in terms of speed of transmission at cheaper cost.

The usage of text messaging can have amazing function if it will be integrated into the computer. With some sort of programming techniques by the experts to produce automated text messaging system, it will provide great help in messengerial function. In Schools and Universities, automated SMS can have vital rule in improving their services, more particularly, in delivering information going to students or parents, e.g., grades and tuition fee statement. Furthermore, it is very useful in disseminating rapid massive information drive about their activities and sometimes for promotional purposes, e.g., new courses offered, to boost the institutional name of the School.

In the internet, you can find several SMS solutions providers focusing automation for schools and universities. Some firms develop a customized SMS package and will charge a one time fee with a monthly retainer fee. Others offer it with subscription fee or per SMS usage. Among the rest, I preferably recommend a product named “SIS Automation” from Gellangarin Computers. Their system is so practical that delivers better overall benefits both for schools and students.

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According to International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a whooping 6.1 trillion text messages were sent in 2010. That translates to about 200, 000 SMS text per second. This means SMS is by far more popular and preferable to voice and email correspondence. Any person intending to market a product, raise funds or just provide information cannot afford to longer ignore time-tested SMS campaign strategies. Here are 7 indispensable steps you need to know if you are starting from zero.

Step 1. Familiarize Yourself with Legislation and Best Practices.

The CAN-SPAM Act carries penalties of up to $16,000 per email that violates the federal law. The law has seven basic requirements you need to know and you can get this online. Most countries have their own laws and if your business transcends borders you need to understand the spam law governing your country of operation.

Marketers are encouraged to follow the best practices all the time. And Mobile Marketing Association has developed recommendations to ensure the best mobile user experience and protect consumers’ privacy rights. Get these guidelines document online and read it as if your life depended on it.

Step 2. Learn Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in You SMS Correspondence.

Grammar matters more than ever because we communicate by written word more than ever before and the clarity of your messages depends on it. According to a survey conducted by AOL, 68 percent of respondents said E-mails with spelling and punctuation errors annoyed them.

Whether it looks trendy or not, avoid misuse of words. Use capitalization and keep away from misspelled words. It just requires you to reread you text before click on the send button.

Step 3. Learn Opt In Tactics That Work.

The most powerful opt in strategies are those that offer a reward, fun or connecting with smart people. Think of holding a contest, an open day or starting a texting clubs for your customers. Use social media strategic alliances and offline strategies to build your list far faster than most people do.

Step 4. Discover The Magic Effect of Coupons.

Mobile coupon messaging refers to a practice where subscribers are sent coupons to entice them to come to a business premises to redeem them. A school uniform company can send coupons to parents just before schools open. A restaurant can send a Valentine’s day offer one week to February 14th each year. A retail store could do the same just before Christmas.

Imagine a text message is read within 4 minutes and open rates of 97% are not uncommon. This makes coupons an attractive avenue to mobile marketing.

Step 5. Start Building a Mobile Subscriber List.

As people opt in you need to keep a list that is only accessed by authorized personnel. Your list of mobile number subscribers is something you should guard jealously. You should never rent it, sell it or using for other purpose other than want it was intended for.

Step 6. Create Value for Your Subscribers

Most people make the mistake of bombarding consumers with messages that are irrelevant and without value, which causes annoyance and distrust. Think about how you can provide value however, little you think it is. Tell consumers about free offers; give them priority in product launches; educate them and give them how to tips. Provide information about adverse weather changes or even breaking interesting news.

Step 7. Communicate Regularly.

Frequency will depend on your business and clients. Most common regular communications frequency is weekly. Some people also prefer once on month, however three month is too long.

Source by Mary Wilhite


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