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One-Stop Mobile Advertising Platform to implement Mobile Text Messaging and Mobile Coupon Campaigns. Consumers are looking for different “content” on the their cell phones and other mobile devices. While mobile marketing is expected to increase Drastically in the future, Mobile Business Ads provides the platform to allow you to get started with a simple but EFFECTIVE mobile campaign.

text message marketing, sms, mobile marketing,sms marketing,mobile text messaging,sms text messaging

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Get a Jump-Start on your competition and begin building your mobile database TODAY to be way ahead of them TOMORROW! We Help All Businesses, Organizations, Non-Profits and Health Practitioners to give better service, increase their market share & customer base, and INCREASE REVENUES. Some Features: Mobile Coupons Auto-Responder Text Blast Alerts Text2Win Text-For-Info Text-To-Vote Text-to-Screen SMS & MMS Text Delivery Appointment Setting Application Website Widget Creator Mobile Video Mobile Website Builder QR Code Creator Mobile App Creator

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text message marketing, sms, mobile marketing,sms marketing,mobile text messaging,sms text messaging

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All-Products-Online.com – Read 1000’s of Articles on Text Message Marketing!

All-Products-Online.com – Read 1000’s of Articles on Text Message Marketing!

Hundreds of highly informative articles on mobile text message marketing from leading authors.
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Check out how sms marketing, mobile marketing or text message marketing can build your customer base, fast! Here are videos & articles featuring different types of businesses using text message marketing to send large volumes of text message specials to their exclusive, totally ‘opt-ed’ in for your specials. Details on how any type of business can use mobile marketing to drive their customer base to their store (whether virtual or real) as an ever increasing surge of new and repeat business. With this sms marketing plan you can increase the size of your customer list almost any day your open for traffic. Growth rates being reported range between 15% to 50% even more in one or two months.  Bring them in by the dozens whenever you want. Great for filling the ‘slower times’ of day or night!

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Text message marketing; Facts you have to find out about!

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text marketing

Amongst the a variety of methods of text message is the most recent medium of getting to the customer immediately. Mobile text marketing has created a massive opportunity for service providers as well as other business people to improve their sales.

Tags; text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text marketing,social media marketing

Being a affordable and effective method lot of modest time companies pick it up to let their target market know of their existence. The main reason a lot of companies have looked to text message marketing and advertising is due to the fact it has several positive aspects over conventional types of advertising. Until recently mobile marketingwas only price effective to big firms and organizations. Even so, using the introduction of new technologies, this chance is also available to small time companies. With the use of SMS marketing it is possible to now quickly distribute messages in bulk to list of customers you’ve got. This has now created mass text message advertising or social media marketing less costly than direct mail, newspaper, radio as well as other forms of promotion. social media marketing is your answer.

This is supported by the significant ROI you make on the investment when compared to the other kinds of promotion strategies you use. Try social media marketing for Two Weeks for Only a $1; We think you’ll love social media marketing or text marketing and it will soon become half of your new business growth.

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Even so, every single business man aiming for mass text message as a structure for marketing needs to know information on the technique. For starters, you could possibly be genuinely enthusiastic about the long list of mobile subscribers, but your SMS provider might not reciprocate the very same. An crucial goal of text message marketing is to develop the list if the subscribers over time.

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text message marketing

As the method is well-liked the list can grow from a few hundreds to many thousands in no time. But to deal with the wireless short code is often a challenging task. The dilemma can get grave if your provider isn’t aware of your list growth, and consequently the number of text messages you need to send at one time, you might be setting up your account, along with other accounts on the short code, for delivery issues. The carriers need to be well conscious of the maximum number of text messages that may be sent at any given time and per month. Hence you need to work with your SMS provider to communicate with them the requirements and also the particulars of the campaign you’re running. Or, run it yourself with YepText mobile marketing.

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text message marketingtext message

Another crucial factor that need to be kept in mind is that the mobile text marketing message should not be the very same as the Twitter or Facebook updates. It’s important you treat this channel of advertising as distinctive as the other techniques you adopt as it has the capability to supply a message with a extremely high read rate. Unique care should be taken to style an proper message and delivery time of day. Sending messages that are not of considerably value to the customer, overly frequent messages and messages sent at the wrong time can lead to high out puts but with a lot more complaints and no ROI from the customers.

text message, text marketing,sms marketing, mobile marketing, text message marketing
Text message marketing will be the new way of dispersing the buzz. But like every single other marketing and advertising technique it wants to be done smartly to take pleasure in significant returns.

Text message marketing will be the new way of dispersing the buzz. But like every single other marketing and advertising technique it wants to be done smartly to take pleasure in significant returns.

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Writing a press release (or news release) AND getting it

published is not difficult.

Remember, though, good press releases — i.e. press releases that get published and make news — can provide invaluable marketing for your business or website. So it is worth understanding the mechanics of writing a press release that makes news.


1) Have a story to tell

2) Think like a journalist

3) Format the press release properly

4) Keep your press release short!

5) Promote your press release online

Let’s look at these press release guidelines a bit closer.

1) Have A Story To Tell

You must have a story to tell, a hook, or an interesting angle. Whilst demand for news is great, the news must still be interesting.

So, find your story and develop it; position your press release, somehow, to be different. And try and incorporate the following:

- holiday and event tie-in articles

- internet innovations and developments or unique products

- unusual events or unique personal accomplishments

- humour and wisdom, or fun and tragedy

Always remember the human interest angle.

2) Think Like a Journalist

A ‘story to tell’ must be told with the person looking to tell that story in mind; i.e. you must think like a journalist.

So what reasons would an editor want to publish your news? What benefits would their readers get? Is it relevant and timely?

Write a compelling headline. If you don’t then the journalist (or editor) will simply not read any further. Use words like YOU, NEW or HOW TO to achieve this.

Always write your press release for scanability and in a way that means it can be published (in a magazine, for example) with as few edits as possible.

Write short, punchy paragraphs and remember to answer these questions: “Who? Why? What? Where? When? & How?”

3) Format The Press Release Properly

Here is an example press release layout. Use the following as a guide.


- (a)

For immediate release

- (b)

- (c)

- (d)



(a) Offer a benefit, for example.

(b) What? Why is it needed? How will it help? Include quotes, too, if possible.

(c) Who is it aimed at? Who cares? Provide facts.

(d) Summarise the press release, or provide a call to action

4) Keep Your Press Release Short!

The most important aspect of writing a successful press release? Keep it short.

With so much to consider when writing a press release it’s not surprising that most people make this common press release mistake: they write too much copy.

So it doesn’t matter how well you have written your press release, if it’s too long then it won’t get read. So keep your press release short. Make sure you remove words that do not need to be there. Again, edit ruthlessly.

5) Promote Your Press Release Online

The best way to promote your press release online is to use an online press release service. One highly regarded service is PrWeb.com. As it states on their website:

“[PRWeb is the] recognized leader in online news and press release distribution service for small and medium-sized businesses and corporate communications. PRWeb pioneered Free Press Release Distribution and continues to set the standard for online news distribution.”

You can either promote your press release for free, or they offer various paid-for services that guarantee a variety of levels of online exposure.

So there you are: another promotion tip that *you CAN* do, to promote your website or business. Simply follow the checklist outlined above, to make sure that your next press release gets published

Source by Steve Nash


Marketing strongly targets our desires and introduces new ones. From the creative aspect, much of the marketing we see is geared towards our “needs”, but many of our “needs” are actually “desires”. We don’t really “need” a cell phone but we’ve come to convince ourselves (via marketing) that we should not risk being without them. What would happen if we had car trouble without a way to communicate? How secure would we feel about our teenagers going to the movies without their cell phones?

A great example of marketing convincing consumers of new desires is the cosmetic industry. The objective within the cosmetic industry is our “need” to stay healthy and young. Good health is a must, therefore this requirement is a great target, which in turn makes us (the consumer) very vulnerable. There are beauty products on the market that convince consumers through the power of advertising, by way of a beautiful, flawless model, that “XYZ” cream can reverse the signs of aging or that “ABC” ointment will make one’s lips fuller. We somehow become convinced that the purchase of more than one product will address all our “needs”. Sadly, most of the products on the market are redundant in their chemical make-up and aren’t worth the plastic they are bottled in – hence the reason why the cosmetic industry is well over a billion dollar industry.

Another great example of marketing creating new desires are infomercials. Through infomercials, consumers are introduced to innovative products that “we all have somehow been missing throughout our lives”. If you have 20 minutes to spare, these marketing geniuses will have you convinced that you need their product. Interestingly enough, most products (i.e. desires) purchased via this method are usually short-lived and end up in the garage-sale pile.

I think creative marketing initially targets our needs through stimulation of our desires.

Source by Nathan E Peterson


Can you recall a time when a reminder about an upcoming appointment, meeting or event proved crucial? Most of us probably can. We all appreciate reminders. Whether it’s a “heads-up” phone call from a loved one regarding a weekend gathering, an Outlook reminder on a client meeting set to begin in an hour, or a text message from a friend letting us know about an after-work concert or ballgame, reminders are a blessing in our fast-paced lifestyles. And, luckily, many technologies we routinely use offer automatic reminder functionality, such as those found in cell phones and e-mail calendars.

It’s not just individuals who benefit from reminders. Small businesses, too, can capitalize on the effectiveness of reminders to their clients, customers, patients and students. A perfect model of automated e-mail and text reminders are the ones found in some online appointment scheduling software, such as Appointment-Plus.


A reminder of any kind can dramatically improve the operations of businesses and organizations. Prior to the advent of automated technology, the typical appointment, lesson or session reminders came in two standard forms: a reminder letter or post card in the mail and/or a telephone call. While some businesses still use these traditional reminders, they are not cost-effective. Printing and postage costs can dramatically increase office expenses, while telephone reminders require the service of a receptionist or staff member. The one exception is automated phone-call reminders, which can be both effective and less costly than a live caller.

Depending on the service, businesses and organizations that utilize online appointment-scheduling software can benefit from a very important piece of functionality: automatic e-mail and text message reminders.

E-mail Reminder. This tried-and-true reminder is a very effective way of notifying clients, customers, students and patients of their upcoming appointments. Most of us use e-mail in our personal and professional lives; in some instances, it’s the preferred form of communication. And it’s not restricted to a home or office computer. Results of the 2009 Pew Institute study, “Wireless Internet Use,” show that 81 percent of mobile phone owners use their phones for something other than making and receiving phone calls, with 52 percent using it for non-voice activity, such as accessing and sending e-mail.

SMS Text Message Reminder. A more recent form of appointment reminder, text message reminders can be as effective as e-mail reminders, given the large number of individuals who currently have mobile phone service. According to the aforementioned Pew Institute study, 85 percent of Americans own a cell phone. And chances are these persons carry their phones with them wherever they go, which increases the probability that they’ll receive the reminder in a timely manner.


The most obvious benefit of appointment reminders is customer, client, student and patient satisfaction. Sending an appointment reminder-whether by e-mail, text message or phone-shows that you care about that individual and appreciate his or her business. For those individuals, it demonstrates that your business, organization or practice is professional in the way it operates.

Another benefit of a well-organized appointment reminder process is a reduction in “no-shows.” Several studies have shown that appointment reminders can reduce a business or organization’s no-show rate by 50 percent or more. This is a significant statistic, as “no-shows” are the bane of many operations and can negatively affect an operation’s bottom line.


Online appointment scheduling software, a type of Software as a Service (SaaS) is the perfect solution for both your appointment scheduling and reminder needs. In fact, some business owners and practitioners hadn’t even considered the benefit of reminders until after selecting their appointment-scheduling software.

Although other software may be available, an Internet-based program usually is the best option for most businesses and organizations. The reasons are simple: It’s easy to use, accessible anywhere, cost-effective and doesn’t require pricey hardware or any downloads or installation on your computer. You simply access the site that provides the service, login to your account, and manage your appointments.

A SaaS program is also the ideal way to collect and manage your client, customer, student and patient e-mails and mobile phone numbers for automatic reminders. Businesses and organizations that utilize online scheduling software take appointments in several ways:

• They allow online self-scheduling, where an individual accesses an appointment page online, registers (if required by the business), chooses a specific service and /or instructor, practitioner, etc., checks on the availability during a certain day and time, and then books the appointment or session.

• A receptionist, staffer or owner takes appointments by phone or e-mail and schedules them in the software.

• The business or organization uses the software for both self- and internal scheduling.
Once entered in the system-either by the person registering or the business administrator-e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers will then be available for automatic reminders. The system does the rest and will automatically send the reminder prior to the scheduled appointment.

Appointment reminders have been incorporated in the fabric of business etiquette for many generations, and they’re just as important today as they were when your grandparents received them. Thanks to technology found in online appointment scheduling software, sending these reminders is now easier than ever. In fact, you won’t be the one sending them; your scheduling software will!

Source by Eric Richard


Realeflow allows you keep track of complex transactions like short sales and rehab projects. It includes HUD-1 spreadsheets and the ability to create multiple logins for your team-members, such as business partners and Realtors. You get up to 16 premium lead generation websites (you pay for the domains) and if you opt for the upgraded package, you also get private lender leads, cash buyer leads, renter leads, tax lien leads, fed into your database. Realeflow has some unique features such as voice-broadcasting, a built in local fax number to send and receive faxes, and their mobile marketing platform, Moby (for SMS marketing broadcasts). One of the nice features of Realeflow is their Property Launch website template, which gives you the ability to “launch” a property and sell it quickly using the same groundbreaking marketing techniques and psychological triggers first pioneered by Jeff Walker in his “product launch formula”.

Freedomsoft has only 3 lead generation websites included – buyer, seller & private money lender templates. Inside the platform you have access to all of the forms and contracts you need for your wholesale deals. You have the option to upload State contracts as well, which comes in handy when you are making offers on MLS-listed properties or bank owned deals. Freedomsoft however, does include some notable features that Realeflow does not. The platform also has, one-click marketing, MLS leads, additional video training in the resources tab – (videos and scripts for negotiation, and downloadable audio books – REO Rockstar and Probate Profits). Two of the key features that I like most about Freedomsoft are the offer calculator and the ability to fill out contracts automatically from within the software. This “offerbot” technology, in my opinion, is what gives Freedomsoft the edge. It saves a lot of time by prefilling out most of the offer for you. Now, if you’re making dozens of offers every week (which you should be), all you would need to do is enter the Earnest Money amount, The Offer Amount and the closing date, and freedomsoft takes care of the rest. It even has a handwriting font to fill in the signature for you. I hope Realeflow takes note of this feature and incorporates it into their next software upgrade.

Now it has to be said that Realeflow has lots of features that give it a competitive edge for short sale investors and rehabbers. As I mentioned before, the platform helps you fill out the HUD-1 and allows you to set deadlines & reminders for various tasks that need to be completed during the short sale negotiation process. Realeflow keeps you organized and reminds you to collect the appropriate documents needed from the seller. If you are rehabbing properties or need to calculate repairs for your end-buyer, it has an excel sheet hat helps calculate net profit. The built in Hammerpoint feature allows you to estimate repairs based on the square footage of your property. The software then produces a printable “contractor’s estimate” based on the data you input into Hammerpoint. Very handy when you’re presenting a deal package to your investor-buyers.

In the near future, I’ll write a more in-depth review of both platforms. In the meantime, I recommend checking both platforms out and seeing which one works best for you. Both offer excellent value, and are MUST-HAVE tools to keep investors organized and productive.

So which is better, Freedomsoft or Realeflow?

I believe the answer comes down to your real estate investing niche.

If you are working in the short sale niche or if you buy property to fix and flip, Realeflow is the better choice. It can certainly be used for wholesaling, but I think the features of the software are more suited to the rehabber or short sale investor.

If your niche is wholesaling, Freedomsoft is hands down the better choice. Not only does it have dozens of features that streamline your workflow, the creator of the platform specifically made the software with his wholesaling business in mind.

Source by David Martinka


To be truly mobile in 2015 entails much more than having a responsive Web design that smartphone and tablet users can access on their devices. A responsive, mobile website is just the foundation on which you have to build your mobile marketing campaign, which can include anything from mobile apps to social media mobile ads to personalized and exclusive mobile content and offers. Being mobile this year isn’t easy, but 91% of smartphone owners have their device in arms’ reach twenty-four hours a day, seven hours a week, which means that if you have an online presence, whether you are a business or an organization, you simply cannot afford not to be mobile. You just can’t.

As mobile adoption continues to increase all over the world, there are many things your business or organization can do to become more mobile, more accessible, and at the same time more appealing for mobile users. Here are some ideas to inspire you to become more mobile and stay ahead of your competitors.

Be ready to deal with your customers 24/7

Mobile technology now makes it easier than ever for customers to reach you – your website, your contact form and your social profiles are just a few taps away. This creates a situation in which many of the emails, messages, complaints, customer support questions, calls, and orders you get may come after your closing hours. You can of course ignore them until the next day, but being a truly mobile-friendly business means being able to deal with these as soon as possible. If you have the resources necessary to monitor and to reply to customer feedback even after normal business hours, use them – it will make you stand out from your competitors.

Take advantage of new customer habits

Mobile devices have changed the way most of us search for places where we can eat or hang out, the way we take photos, and even the way in which we interact with our friends on social networks. Just think of how many of us search for bars or restaurants ad hoc based on our current location, how we take selfies all the time, or how often we check our Facebook or Twitter push notifications and react to them as soon as they come.

All of these new habits offer new possibilities for marketers. You can organize photo-based contests in which you ask customers to take a selfie while using your product, you can organize social media quizzes with prizes, you can make sure you’re on Google Maps and people who otherwise would have never visited your store may discover it and become your customers. It’s crucial to figure out what are the dominant habits among your customers, and tailor your market strategy accordingly.

Provide a Unified App Experience

There is a growing trend across the mobile market for brands to combine multiple apps that serve different purposes into one full-feature app that provides a unified app experience, saving customers the trouble of having to download and use multiple apps from the same brand. Furthermore, more and more brands are striving to ensure that their apps provide the same functionality across different platforms and that they don’t miss any features or suffer from any technical issues. Traditionally, iOS apps have been more developed, offering more features and a better overall performance, but now Android apps are catching up both in terms of features and of performance. If your business has more than one mobile app, do consider merging them together. The simpler the app experience is for customers, the better.

Take Into Account Wearable Technology

Smartwatches and other wrist-worn devices, such as fitness trackers, are one of the hottest new technologies, with exciting new products being launched this year by major brands, including the newly-released Apple Watch and the fitness tracker Microsoft Band. Many smartwatches come with WiFi or other connectivity capabilities and can easily connect to smartphones or tablets to enable convenient calling and texting capabilities. In other words, it will be possible for marketers to reach mobile consumers not only through smartphones and tablets, but also through smartwatches. Although the smartwatch platform is not yet 100% ready for marketers, you can still make sure you reach smart watch users by developing smartwatch applications, launching a smartwatch-friendly mobile site, using push notifications, and tapping into connected devices such as smartphones.

The Bottom Line

Becoming more mobile requires analysis, planning, and often an investment of both time and money. It’s not easy. But if you manage to provide a wonderful experience for your mobile users, you will tap into an exciting market full of opportunities, and of potential customers. Okay, it’s time for you to go get ‘mobilized’.

Source by P Lorraine Wigglesworth


WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video, and audio media messages. The client software is available for Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iOS, Series 40, Symbian (S60), and Windows Phone

Competing with a number of Asian-based messaging services (like LINE, KakaoTalk, and WeChat), WhatsApp handles ten billion messages per day. According to the Financial Times, WhatsApp “has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines. The service is free for the first year then costs $0.99/Yr.

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is a great tool for messaging friends however what you did not know is that WhatsApp can be used as campaign tool to generate marketing leads. The App is free and it can serve as a strong marketing channel with the potential of getting clients for your business more than anything else.

Why Choose WhatsApp for your marketing Campaign?

The App is almost free!

You can send large amount of messages with no limits. It’s available for all smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry, Symbian. Everyone is using it because you don’t have to go to a website to fill in details or confirm your identity to use it. It just needs your mobile number and you are done!

Better features than traditional SMS/MMS

WhatsApp supports many different message types, from simple text to pictures to audio files. Usually a MMS message would cost a fair bit of money to send, so the fact that these can be sent to as many customers and prospects as you like for free is great.

You can also send GPS location of your stores! Product videos, Product images and audio messages (a short personal message from your CEO could be sent to multiple clients and prospects at one go!) this wonderful App supports just everything. You can start your own WhatsApp group and can invite your clients and prospects to join, or you could create an internal marketing group which will help you stay connected with your campaign peers 24/7.

So WhatsApp as a campaign tool can perform everything a traditional e-mail or SMS campaign could do. To top it all Whatsapp is close to our heart, people can’t take their hands off their phone because of this App. Hence any message communicated through this medium has the immediate and maximum outreach.

Source by Emmanuel Frederick Paul


We can all spit out at least 10 famous catch phrases off the top of our head. Just Do It. That’s Hot. Got Milk? Where’s the Beef? Dyn-O-Mite! The list can goes on and on. It’s easy to bring those to mind because they have huge marketing departments behind them or came from a celebrity’s mouth.

However, smaller businesses can also benefit greatly from good catch phrases. When you consider the low cost of coming up with one, and the high rate of effectiveness…what have you got to lose?

It’s time you implemented them in your marketing to help increase sales for your business. In this economy our small businesses need all the help they can get! When gathering ideas for a catch phrase, be sure to consider the following:

Size – You want it to be memorable so keep it short. Four to five words is great, eight words max.

Emotion – Pack it with emotion…preferably enthusiasm, but depending on your business you may need another emotion to connect with your audience.

Benefit – Consider what you are offering to your audience and what the benefit is for them to buy it. Who is your target market and what problem are you solving?

Action – Think about what action you want them to take after they see your catch phrase. Is it compelling enough to lead your audience to take that action?

The key to using good catch phrases is repetition. The key to using good catch phrases is repetition. Ok, that didn’t exactly evoke enthusiasm but it was worth making the point! Think of all the information people come across…online, on billboards, in magazines, in their mail, etc. Good catch phrases are intended to jump out and get people’s attention, calling them to action and leading them to buy your product or service. Now, That’s Hot!

Source by H. Matsumoto


Do you have a picture on your computer that you would like to send to your mobile device or smartphone? Depending on your service provider and the brand of phone that you are using, there are many ways to send pictures to a cell phone. Let’s examine some common options.

Using A USB Cable Link to Send Pictures to Cell Phone

Most modern phones come with a USB data cable that allows you to transfer files from your computer to your phone. Some models of mobile phones work on a plug-and-play basis, meaning that you don’t need to install any additional software or drivers to send pictures to cell phone from your PC. If that is the case, the device will appear as a removable disk under “My Computer”. You can then drag and drop the pictures to the appropriate folder, usually named “Pictures” or a similar name.

Some other phones might require you to use a special program to transfer pictures from your PC to your mobile device. This software is usually included on a disk which came with the phone, or you can find it online on the manufacturer’s website.

Bluetooth File Transfer to Send Pictures to Cell Phone

If you have a computer that supports Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile device which is Bluetooth enabled and which supports file transfer through this method (called Object Exchange, or ObEX, most higher-end phones are compatible with it), you can use it to send a picture to your cell phone.

All you have to do in that case is establish a Bluetooth connection with the phone and send it the picture that you want. As connection and file transfer steps vary greatly between different models of phones, I recommend you consult the user’s guide prior to attempting this process.

Send Pictures to Cell Phone By Email

If you have the ability to receive emails with attachments on your phone (most high-end phones, as well as smartphones such as the Blackberry can do this), simply email yourself the picture, open the message on your phone, then save the attachment.

Utilize Your Phone’s Camera

While this doesn’t always give the best picture quality, a low-tech and very simple method of saving a picture on your phone is to display the image on your computer, then take a picture of it with your phone’s camera.

With the easy methods described here, you should have no problems at all to send pictures to a mobile phone from your computer. If you have trouble, try consulting your user’s manual or contact the phone manufacturer’s support service for more detailed information specific to your phone.

Source by Matthew Mayben


Marketing and Promotion can occur through various avenues. Creativity not withstanding, all marketing and promotion can be categorized in 1 of 6 primary forms.

These 6 primary forms of marketing communication are as follows:

1. Media

Media marketing communication refers to any traditional mass distribution broadcast or publication with a large volume of viewers, listeners, or viewership. Television, Radio, , Internet Banner Ads, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards, etc are all forms of traditional media marketing.

A more recent addition to this type of marketing communication is the webinars and social networking sites on the internet.

Regarding up front costs, media marketing communication tends to be the most expensive type of marketing. This is due to the value related to the mass volume. The back end reward is that because of the volume, the actual cost per lead can be less if a high volume responds to the marketing effort. So, the trade off is that it may cost more up front but can produce more leads by volume.

2. Mail

Mail is an equally popular method of marketing communication. Whether it is direct and independent or bundled in a mass mailing, millions of marketing message are sent by mail daily. Distributing marketing messages by mail is difficult, though. It is so easy for the message to simply hit the trash.

Ideally, if marketing communication is performed by mail, it should be to a targeted list. A target list is list of subscribers who indicated an interest for a particular product or service. Since mail is paid per unit delivery, it is more cost effective to mail to individuals who expressed interest or who have demonstrated interest by previous consumption.

3. Telephone

The telephone is another obvious form of marketing communication. Whether there is a live human dialing you or if contact is accomplished by an auto-dialer, the telephone can be an efficient way to contact a large amount of people in a short period of time. The telephone, due to the number prefixes, also, allowed for targeting specific geographical areas. Limitations with the phone, however, include the requirement that someone answer, or have voice mail, and short duration of exposure to message. Additionally, legalities must be considered due to the “do not call” list which allows numbers to be opted out from direct marketing.

4. Electronic

Electronic marketing communication is best know by fax or email. These are very cost efficient mediums with email marketing being near infinite return on investment when successful due to the negligible cost associated. Also, the available message space is virtually infinite, as well.

Another rising form of electronic marketing communication is SMS and MMS through the mobile phones. These are otherwise known as text or picture messaging. Systems are available now that can mass text to multiple mobile numbers at once, or allow consumers to text in a particular message to a 5 digit number in order to receive a pre-formatted message. This is usually associated with contests for sufficient enticement.

The issues with electronic marketing communication, quite similar to mail and telephone, is that you must build a list of names and associated email addresses, or numbers, in order to market in volume.

5. Direct Contact

Marketing communication by direct contact is less efficient unless talking to groups. And, even then, it is usually limited to a very finite number. This is in stark contrast to the other forms of marketing mentioned above.

Additionally, direct contact can be a more aggressive, or assertive form of marketing and requires a special verbal communication skill set. If direct communication is not handled correctly, prospects can be easily alienated.

The underlying theme to direct contact is that efforts must be made to determine the interests of the consumers and to tailor solutions which accommodate their needs and interests, versus the needs of the marketer.

This is true for all forms of marketing, but especially poignant and noticeable with direct contact.

6. Referral

This final form of marketing communication is very strong and highly effective. It relies on the testimony of previously satisfied consumers to market. It is really marketing based upon strength in relationships. It has been reported that it is 6 times easier to market to someone where a relationship has already been established than to a new contact.

Referral based marketing communication is the truest form of flattery or complement that a business can receive as it reflects upon the genuine acceptance, appreciation, and approval of an established relationship. Theoretically, as a quality business grows, referral marketing of satisfied consumers can be a perpetual source of new clientele.

A key concept to remember when employing any form of marketing communication is that studies show that it typically takes an average of 7-9 exposures to a message before a consumer will respond to an offer. This means that your budget should take this into consideration when deciding on a particular form of marketing communication.

A second key concept is that you have to do split testing and statistical analysis to objectively determine which marketing messages, and marketing communication avenues, are producing.

Source by David D Thornton


Well, it’s simple and it can be described as a sort of bandwagon. Some people got on it and everyone followed. Now the problem is that if you don’t get on it too, you will lose out. This is what many companies around the world are starting to learn. Particularly bring brand names like Sony Ericsson and Motorola. Playing catch up with Apple has seen them release lots of not-so-good mobile handsets when really they should hone in on the good mobiles that they already have.

Apple’s release of the iPod was said to be the true catalyst of all this increase in mobile technology and it’s true that many people own iPhones and iPads.

That’s where mobile marketing comes in. Mobile marketing enables companies in many sectors such as travel and retail to send promotional messages and vouchers via Bluetooth and SMS for example. A direct, targeted approach to connecting with limitless clients.

Importantly, companies such as Facebook announced only yesterday that they see the future as being mobile. According to reports, Facebook is currently seeing great success with its dedicated mobile applications. The company now has 150 million active mobile users. Astonishingly it has acquired 50 million of those users since Feb of this year… See the power mobile marketing can have?

Google’s mobile platform, Android, has seen the creation of many android mobile apps which can be downloaded onto any mobile phone that supports this platform. It currently can’t compete with Apple but perhaps one day when it’s more polished, Android will be a real contender.

So – who exactly is turning to mobile marketing. The answer is, any company that you can find promoting its services in some shape or form in the mobile apps stores… Newspapers are beginning to realise for example, that in twenty years its unlikely that many people will still want a printed version but will instead be using some sort of e-book to read the daily news. That’s what makes Apple and its iPhone mobile apps so powerful – Apple can connect to millions of people through its handsets.

“Ok, fair enough”, I hear you say, “but my company can’t compare to the likes of Facebook”… But that’s where you’re wrong, mobile marketing has the ability to reach out to more potential clients and/or create brand loyalty to ensure that your customers will keep coming back.

Source by Charlotte Ja Brown


Do you want to track cell phone text messages? Here’s how-and it only takes 3 easy steps. Tracking cell phone messages is dead simple and anyone can do it. Maybe you want to find out who your boyfriend or girlfriend keeps getting text messages from, maybe you want to see who your children are talking to, maybe you want to stop expensive incoming texts from blowing up your cell phone bill. Whatever the reason may be, finding out who is on the other end of these text messages will make things a lot easier for you. So, in 3 easy steps I’ll show you exactly how I track cell phone text messages, let’s go!

1.)    The first step is to find the number of the text message sender. Navigate around your cell phone to get the number of the person who is calling. Some cell phones just show the name, while others just show the number, so make sure you find the number and make sure it is 10 digits with an area code. You must have the area code! Otherwise it won’t work.

2.)    After you have the 10 digit phone number double check to make sure there aren’t any problems with the transcription. In other words, make sure you didn’t write anything down incorrectly. Make sure your “1”‘s aren’t really “7”‘s and vice versa. This is important so you don’t get the wrong information when we go onto step 3.

3.)    Find an online phone number reverse lookup site that can check the database for information on that phone number. You can see on a map where the phone number belongs to and who owns it. You can even find out who lives inside their house with them-it’s powerful technology.

Source by Andrew Wilkinson III


These days, most everyone is trying to squeeze more out of their marketing budget. Print ads, yellow pages and direct mail are astronomically high in price, while yielding significantly low returns.

Here’s the good news: The online space is ripe for cutting costs without skimping on results.

So, here are our Top 5 Biggest Bang for Your Buck Online Marketing Strategies:

Lower Your PPC Bids: Conduct a simple test by decreasing your positioning in sponsored links, and monitor the impact on your overall conversions. Chances are you’ll see a drop in your spending – without seeing a corresponding drop in leads/sales. Take it nice and slow, so as to avoid a massive drop in results, and regularly monitor the results.

Utilize Dayparting: (Another PPC tip–but it works.) Have you noticed a time of day that your PPC campaign spends money with little or no results? If so, now may be the time to turn your ads off at certain times of the day or night to see if you can save a few bucks. Again-a smart idea without sacrificing performance.

Write an Article– and Take it Viral: Chances are you have knowledge and expertise that you can put into a format your audience would appreciate. Pen an article that’s rich with information and optimize it for keywords. Publish it on a free article site (EzineArticles is ideal). Don’t forget to give it a titillating title to attract interest. Add the link to your email signature (and, if you can-add a “forward to a friend” link). You can even send excerpts to the media or bloggers in your industry to see if you can get a nibble.

Link Your Butt Off on Social Media Sites: Upload SocialMarker dot com, and use it to bookmark your content every time you publish something. If you have a blog, add it to your LinkedIn account via LI’s WordPress and Blog applications. Add links to your content to your messages in your LinkedIn groups, on your Facebook page. Everywhere you sign your electronic signature, add a link to some of your expert content. Think about it-how many emails do you send out a day? A week?

Outside the Box Email: If you’re still sending the same old tired email newsletter in a template created by your ESP, then it’s time to spice things up. Generate promo emails, special offers, “personalized” emails and even sophisticated e-zine designs to get your message out –and in your recipients’ Inboxes. In fact, there are some very cool new low-cost tools that can help you maximize email through behavioral targeting and robust cross-platform tracking. Sounds expensive, but it really isn’t–not when you factor in what you stand to gain by getting a far greater level of intelligence from your email and website. Also keep this in mind: LinkedIn has a 100% delivery rate to it’s user-generated spam-blocker program. Definitely NOT to be taken advantage of, but perfect for your very best email campaign.

It’s easy to lose site of marketing value during a bad economy-but the worst thing you can do is to cut marketing budgets and activities indiscriminately. Studies show that companies that continue to invest in marketing during an economic downturn are the ones that survive –and thrive when the market rebounds, which it will. Getting good at these cost-cutting measures now means you’ll have extra marketing budget to spend when the economy invariably bounces back.

Wendy Brache specializes in content strategy and development. Visit www dot wendybrache dot com.

Source by Wendy Brache