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11 Ways to Make Your Mass/bulk Sms Effective

Effective bulk sms denotes Efficient communication in an economic way…!

In the modern era of superior communication technology, text messaging through bulk sms is one of the most advantageous systems to reach people quickly and without much effort.

There may be thousand of instances when a few words sent from your email outbox to an sms have changed your day, charged up your mood, convinced your prospective customer, or even filled you up with joy. Sometimes it might have caused worry or distress too. But one should always look for the sunny side with a positive approach.

Being an easy way to reach up to the heart of the people, bulk sms and sms gateways are much cheaper than any other messaging process and the number of customers receiving sms through email at a given point of time can also be very high.

Moreover, a number of advantages of sms gateways can enable you to handle various business issues in an amicable way just by sending out a bulk sms.

Bulk sms provides a simple, faster, and direct way to contact a wider range of people. Personal contacts, which can be established by sending email to sms, increase potential to maintain good relations in business, office, or personal life too. This possibility has been multiplied by easy access of sms gateways through regular uses of mobile phones by almost everyone, everywhere.

There may be several ways to make your bulk sms remarkably successful. But 11 most effective ways of sending email to sms are given here with which approach will impress the receiver with a better perspective:

1) For maximum effect, plan a constructive bulk sms carefully with proper monitoring thereafter.
2) A clear and specific sms gateway can save a lot of time of your customer.
3) Target the right group of people to send out a bulk sms to.
4) Everybody likes a brief message. Hence you should also try to keep your sms as short as possible. But that should not make a vague message.
5) Timing – when you send out a bulk sms is important. Choose the right one for the best effect. Too frequently sent email to sms for a particular purpose, can annoy your customer, resulting into deleting the message, at times without even reading.
6) Select catchy and appropriate words to represent your point.
7) Woo your fun loving clients with light and humorous bulk sms.
8) Bold words can emphasize your exact necessity, giving a clear picture to the customers.
9) Sometimes, bulk sms, sent with a picture, is highly welcomed by your customers as it can be a great stress buster.
10) Never ever use abusive words about your business rivals to convince your audience. It leaves a bad taste in their mind.
11) It is always better to mention your name and a brief self introduction at the end of your sms to utilize the automated sms gateway, in case you are communicating for the first time.

It is amazing to watch how a simple, cost effective sms gateway or bulk sms can grow your business and help you stay focused! Believe it!

Source by Nick Dinic

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Make Money By Sending Text Messages: Cell Phone Cash

Large and small companies all across the nation are beginning to pour money into text message ads. The desire to connect with people on mobile devices, where they communicate most of the day, is now one of the priorities in marketing products and services.

With this comes the opportunity for people like you and me to make money by sending text messages. Some companies are beginning to pay ordinary people .10 or more to send text messages with small advertisements attached to friends and family.

In fact, this idea is so new that there are very few if any offerings of it in the U.S. Most of the companies offering this service are located in India. However with the great advancements that there have been in mobile technology and mobile marketing, I’m sure you will see this opportunity available within the next year or two.

The idea to make money by sending text messages is just one of the many available to you. With the introduction of Cell Phone Cash by Mack Michaels you can have a load of tips and techniques that you can use to make money with cell phones.

Cell Phone Cash is the pioneer product that is ushering in a whole new era of wealth building using cell phones. It has videos, step-by-step tutorials, 24/7 Support, and a whole Cell Phone Cash community that will assist you in making money with cell phones.

Cell phone marketing is growing at a rapid pace and soon will be a multi-billion dollar industry. Whether or not you want to take advantage and make money with cell phones is up to you. But I highly suggest getting Cell Phone Cash and learn how you can dramatically improve your life with cell phone marketing.

Source by Devin Dozier

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Can a Big Website Monetize with In Text Ads?

Big Websites Earn More

As most new online advertising methods pave their way in their early days, so did in text advertising started as a monetization solution for smaller websites and blogs. But with time, more and more big and reputable websites added in text ads to their monetizing plans and we get this question quite often – do in text ads work well for the big guys? And the answer is yes, big time. In text ads serve as an AdSense supplement and adding 30% to 60% on top of your AdSense earnings is a big incentive to giving in text ads a chance.

I’ve recently had the opportunity and privilege to work closely with several large websites, including Squidoo.com and Britannica.com, and following are a few insights into how to best integrate in text ads into such big websites.

Big Websites Need Robust Solutions

The major or perhaps even the only characteristic that all big websites share is the volume of traffic they get. In fact, this is probably the definition of a big website: a website that gets lots of visitors. Accordingly, the first concern a publisher of a big website should consider is the robustness of the solution selected for monetization.

There are over twenty in text ads providers, and with the expansion of in text penetration, this number keeps growing. However, many of these providers are making their first steps in this field, and such new systems may not always be able to support large volumes of visitors. The limitations can be in the automatic realm – is the IT infrastructure capable of withholding millions of queries and clicks every hour? The established in text providers have proven that yes, it’s more than possible. So just make sure you’re working with one of those.

Another type of limitations is in the manual aspects of the integration. Some of the in text providers require manual involvement in the choice of highlighted terms and the matching of ads to text. For a website with a high volume of content or with dynamic content, manual involvement in the process can prove to be inefficient, so you need to check this with the potential provider as well.

Lots of Content and Ajax

Some of the larger websites also tend to have a lot of content in each page. The in text algorithm needs to analyze the text in real time without delaying the loading time. Some in text providers solve this by caching the content and doing the analysis offline, but since the online advertising market is rapidly changing, you may lose monetization potential with offline analysis. Therefore, a big publisher should make sure that the content analysis is done online with each page’s loading, but with no delays to the website’s behavior.

If each web page has a large volume of content, like with an encyclopedia or with long articles, the publisher may consider using Ajax for loading the content only when users scroll down. In such cases, the in text algorithm needs to run again and again with each scroll, or otherwise – the monetization will be limited to the first few paragraphs only. Britannica uses Ajax with in text ads perfectly. If you have a large volume of content, you should make sure the in text ads provider can manage it professionally and maximize your potential earnings.

Multiple Level Reporting

Big websites also tend to cover different content or different types of content. For example, Squidoo has both regular articles and a specialized section for books; or a website can have an articles area and a forum; or a portal may have both local news and sports news. If you take your website monetization seriously, you would probably want to monitor the results of each section separately, like with Google AdSense channels. In text ads are no different and you should ask your in text ads provider to provide you with multiple level reporting.

The larger in text advertising networks work with website networks as well and should be able to provide both aggregated reports and separate reports for each site. Such reporting systems can easily be used for monitoring different sections of a big website.

Niche Content and Advertisers

When matching advertisers with online content, the more focused the content, the higher the revenues can be. You can imagine that it’s easier to sell ads for a website focused on new family car models than for general web portal. However, bigger websites often have many categories of content and varied demographics. This means that the in text ads provider should also be able to match wide category advertisers or multiple niche advertisers. Some in text ads providers focus on specific areas and as such will have difficulties matching ads for big websites with a wide variety of content. If you have such a site, make sure you get the service that you need for it.

Big Websites and Monetizing International Traffic

The Internet is open for all, and don’t we just love it this way? Sure. But it brings a challenge to monetization, especially for bigger websites. Most websites today have at least twenty percent of visitors which come from outside of their main market. Some have much larger parts of their audience come from other countries. For big websites, these foreign visitors can accumulate to vast numbers and there’s no reason they won’t be treated as customers as well.

Clearly, since the online advertising arena can be different in each country, serving in text ads in many markets can be difficult, but it is possible. In fact, visitors from surprising countries often prove to have higher click through rate. This calls for further research, but the explanation probably comes from different surfing culture and perhaps less offline advertising attacks. When you integrate in text ads into a big website, you should ask about international traffic – your provider should be able to monetize it as well.

Contract Changes and Higher Revenue Share

When joining online services, in text advertising included, you are required to accept the standard terms and conditions. For big publishers, entering into legal contracts usually involves going through the legal department, who always want to contribute its wisdom to the contract. While this will surely slow down the process, it makes sense, so don’t forget this step in the integration process. You can sign up online and then negotiate an addendum to the agreement with such changes.

One major change you should consider does not require legal involvement. A big website can leverage the large online ads inventory to request a higher revenue share. From my experience, this can go up to very high numbers… but don’t push your provider too much. You want the provider to be happy to, or the incentive to get you higher revenues will be diminished. You can read more about this in Online Siesta, my professional blog about website monetization and in text ads.

Your Very own Customized Bubble

In text ads are placed with a bubble that opens upon a mouse hover. Each in text ads provider utilizes its own design for the bubble, but this appearance can be customized. Since this does take some work, integrating a customized bubble is mostly relevant to big websites. If you’re lucky to be included in this group, you should consider asking for your very own bubble, matching it better to your site’s overall look and feel and perhaps promoting your brand as you go.

Testing and a Trial Period with In Text Ads

So, you are now seriously considering adding thousands of dollars when monetizing your mega website, and you’ve checked all the relevant issues to make sure you found the right solution for you… but wait, just before you execute a 12-months exclusivity contract and commit yourself to the adventure – why won’t you test it first? Yes, a trial period is the right thing to do. Integrating in text ads into a website takes very little technical effort – you simply paste a line of code in the right place – so performing some testing shouldn’t be too difficult. Starting with a one-month trial period sounds like a step in the right direction, especially for a big website. My guess is that after some optimization and successful testing, you will stay for the ride.

Source by Tomer Treves

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Send Free Sms Through Internet

If you ask anyone below the age of 40 about the greatest invention of our times, then the majority of people will choose mobile phones as their answer. It has become an integral part of our life. Besides making communication easy, mobile communication has also given us a revolutionary mode of communication – Short Text Messaging Service or SMS. Through SMS, we can send short messages to any other mobile phone. The unprecedented success of SMS has surprised even the inventors of this technology.

But sending SMS from mobile phones can be a little expensive and this troubles many people. Most people love to communicate through text messaging, but can’t do it because of the cost per message charged by the mobile company. But thanks to internet, sending SMS has become the most affordable mode of communication. There are a number of websites on the internet which allow its members to send free SMS to any mobile they want.

You can use these websites to send SMS to your friends and loved ones completely free of cost. For this, all you need is a computer with internet connection. You don’t need any special hardware or software as all this is already done by the free SMS gateway provided by websites like Way2SMS and others. Most websites don’t even charge any membership fee to sign up.

All you need to do is to sign up on one such websites and your friends’ and loved ones’ phone numbers to your account. There is generally no limit on the number of mobile numbers that you can store. Then, you can select the number to which you want to send the SMS to and write the message in the given box. You can choose one or multiple numbers to send the same message. The last step is to click on “Send” button and your message will be delivered to the mobile phones chosen by you.

Besides cost, internet SMS is also extremely time efficient. You can easily type the message on your computer keyboard, instead of fighting with the tiny mobile handset’s keypad. This saves a lot of time. Plus, you can also communicate with people without revealing your mobile number. Suppose, you need to send a group SMS to 50 people, but not all of them are your friends. In such case, an internet SMS from a website like 160by2.com is the best option. You can communicate your message to everyone without telling them your mobile phone number.

Besides personal use, people use internet SMS to enhance their professional life too. You can use it to send information to your clients and customers. You can send appointment details, special offers and contact details through internet SMS without any trouble.

Internet SMS is a great marketing and communication tool. But it should be used consciously. Don’t misuse or overuse this facility. Otherwise, you may have to pay for your carelessness.

Source by Moneek Mehra